Friday, July 23, 2010

Piano's troubles

Younger days I used to be a beautiful and famous piano that often attended world's leading concerts, where I used to be a top star. Other pianos have preceded me and wanted advices how to achieve this success. People cared not only about my appearance, but also about my feelings.

Over the years, however, I became old. I started to be replaced by younger, more beautiful and modern pianos such as:

This slow end of my career has hurt me but I still occasionally receive some offers to play at any, not so important, concerts. Once, they invited me to the not so important concert again. I assumed that it will be one of my last performance. Other musical instruments are beautiful and young so I felt deficient there. I could not take my eyes off one beautiful guitar such as this one:

She seemed arrogant and dismissive. Suddenly some little boy sat down to me and started to play amateur. Sound I made was horrible. I was completely out of tune. Nobody didn't tune me. I can not let the audience hear me, what can I do? I hoped someone comes to me and tunes. "You don't sound well," beautiful guitar behind me said. “What do you care, I hate instruments like you!” I said angry. “As you think, I wanted to help you but I won't help to such annoying piano as you are,“ she answered. “How do you want to help me? Don't care about me!” With these words, I ended my conversation with that amazing guitar.

Afterwards, the concert began. The young pianist had sat down to me and began to play. The sound was horrible, I was ashamed and my ebony color turned red. I did not want to see a young guitar expression.

I suffered an hour and half, throughout the concert. After the end of the performance the audience applauded, instruments and musicians seemed to be proud of themselves. Just me looked into the auditorium miserably. That's how I did not constitute the end of my career.

After the organizers have started to clear the hall, I imagined how they cut me to pieces, burn or throw away the rubbish heap.

The next day I got the invitation to the Commission Office for Musical Instruments, chaired by a very strict Headphones:

I've attended with unpleasant feelings. "You were too wrong yesterday," Pink Headphones claimed without any greeting. I looked apologetic. “You're old and useless piano, which is not able to tune himself,” said the uncompromising Pink Headphones. “Yes, I guess you are right,” I answered sadly. “I disagree,” someone protested. I looked in the commission and the young, beautiful guitar from yesterday sat among them. “Excuse me? We all saw, what happened yesterday! Our new instruments had to save the situation,” Pink Headphones snapped at the guitar.

“It was also my fault. I knew that the piano is out of tune and I said nothing to anyone. Indeed, we argued. I think it's great piano with lots of experiences and a unique sound when tuned, I wish the piano continue playing.” The Commission finally gave beautiful Guitar the truth. They also let me to continue with playing.

I felt happy and surprised when I was leaving. I apologized guitar for my behavior, she smiled and told me: "I did not want you to think that nobody can appreciate you and that when you are old, you're useless." We became good friends, and occasionally performed together in any concert, which I was always tuned, because guitar perfectly took care about me.

I realized that:

"If I want harmonious sound, it is necessary to have harmonious relationships."

Anna Filkukova and Jana Rybarova
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