Friday, October 1, 2010

H4next - World Class Recording for Everyone!

Turn your world into world-class recording studio with the 4Hn, the next level of portable recording from Zoom.

Its onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics are arranged with the right and left mics on the same axis. This design ensures that the mics are always an equal distance from the sound source for perfect localization without phase shifting. Frequency response remains uniform throughout your recording. The result is great stereo recording with natural depth and accurate imaging every time.

What artists think...
Mike Stone

"The ZOOM H4 is the best thing since back-engineered alien technology. An awesome songwriting tool, and killer recording quality on the fly··· ···SWEET!"
Queensryche Website:

Mark McSwiggan
The Starlets

"From making quick home demos to capturing band rehearsals all the way to recording shows I've found the H4 to be a very useful piece of equipment. The fact a lot good quality effects plus the Cubase bundle are included is a real bonus too. It's now very easy to produce tracks of a quality which can be incorporated into our studio recordings."
The Starlets Website:

Tim King

"The H4 is everything you could want in a handheld recorder."
Soil website:

Start recording your own music! Get your H4n now!

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